About Our History

All most two decade back, when India, as a country was heading towards modernization, a great revolution took place in the Transportation sector. The traditional system of transporting goods from one place to another gave way to latest technology aided system to speed up the entire process. Besides railways and sea routes, road lines came to be identified as the most important means of transport especially to reach the interiors and the remote areas. And as commonly understood, industrial growth of the country can come to a standstill without an efficient transport system - in 1990, DELHI GORAKHPUR TRANSPORT SOCIETY MAIN LINE, a sibling then and a deep-rooted established tree now, came into being.


The seed of the firm was sown by Late Gurbur Lal Gandhi, Late Roshan Lal and is nurtured by his successors Kanwal Gandhi The humble beginning gradually resulted into a leading Transport Service Provider in North India.Rather then going national, DELHI GORAKHPUR TRANSPORT SOCIETY MAIN LINE. has chosen to provide quality service and meeting all logistic needs of their customers by limiting their network to the state of U.P and Delhi., thus carrying an identity of its own.

Today DELHI GORAKHPUR TRANSPORT SOCIETY MAIN LINE has almost 80 branches in U.P and Delhi and various transport agents representing several remote areas of (U.P & Delhi). Each branch has fully furnished RCC buildup godown with security and covered insurance. All our branches are computerised to provide faster service at reduced time.

We incorporate a strong value system and a disciplined approach to work. We have an impeccable track record that boasts of many projects managed innovatively generating greater value for the customer. We believe that performance speaks louder than words and that is why we sincerely follow a ‘customer-centric’ philosophy that flows from everything we do and offer. Discover Premier. It’s a company we have taken pride in building. It’s a company you will take pride in knowing.
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